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Paper disease in papermaking process and its solution

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oneInsufficient tensile stress of base paper

The tensile stress is divided into the longitudinal and transverse directions, which is related to the pulp speed ratio, the fiber direction, the ratio of the process and the bonding force of the fiber!

1.the ratio is plasma cage speed and fan pump speed ratio, the paper machine normal pulp ratio between 1:1.0~11.2 now, the ratio is too large, the transverse tensile large and longitudinal tensile strength decreased;otherwise, the transverse tension is large, but can not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will have the opposite effect!

2.the direction of the fiber is to determine the vertical and horizontal tensile force, the direction of the control fiber, adjustable headbox reflux valve opening, large transverse tensile force, small opening, longitudinal tensile force!

3.The binding force of the fiber itself: the hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin causes influence of fiber binding force, the use of chemical additives and additives, the length of fiber itself, press the line pressure, drying temperature of the fiber binding force between the fiber and the strength of wet sheet, fiber distribution and orientation etc.!


TwoThe base paper's softness is above standard

1.The use of more short fiber and eucalyptus pulp reduces the softness of the base paper

2.Because of the high milling power and high current, the softness of the base paper will be increased and vice versa

3.Dryer surface coating and cylinder temperature, the angle can be controlled using the creping blade dryer surface coating or coating can be well controlled by paper wrinkles, creping blade angle cylinder surface temperature determines the quality and content of dryer surface coating of paper moisture!

4.The use of chemical additives, the use of softener, can improve the feel of base paper, lower the softness of base paper


ThreeBase paper wrinkle control

1.Drying temperature is too high, wrinkles uneven thickness, uniform density, and there are reflective phenomenon. In the paper wrinkling, if drying temperature is too high, and the cylinder surface is very smooth, the paper moisture is small, the page before contact with the office of wrinkling may leave the dryer, so it is difficult to fold or wrinkle rate is very small, on the contrary, if the wrinkling water is too large, the page and just paste it tightly, will cause the plug knife, easily broken paper and scraping the needle, and wrinkling after paper moisture will be high, the general paper moisture control in 5-8 percent or so is appropriate

2.Scraper use time is too long, wear and tear, wrinkle angle becomes bigger, paper wrinkles is poor, under normal circumstances, should be based on the base paper wrinkles and cylinder surface coating is good or bad, timely replacement wrinkles scraper!

3.Topical drug use is unreasonable and improper collocation, stripping agent is too large, will make wrinkles uneven thickness, the distance between the lines is relatively long, but also the reflection phenomenon of sheet forming wrinkles;

4, paper Banner Local uneven distribution of the wrinkles, general and uneven drying cylinder temperature and topical drugs spray pipe blockage, uneven temperature effect in the vertical cylinder dryer surface coating; cause uneven cylinder surface temperature: dryer local condensed water discharge is not smooth, the cause of the dirty cleaning cycle is too long and felt cleaning hose nozzle blockage had felt pressure

Solution: regular mobile Maobu, found problems in a timely manner to deal with the problem

5.The content of hemicellulose in pulp, the content of semi fiber and lignin is higher, the wrinkle of paper is better

6.Water quality pH, in general circumstances, the system water quality is acidic, the base paper wrinkles better, feel good, but too low will affect the tensile force of paper, all must control pH value in 7 is appropriate

7.The scraper contact with the cylinder surface angle; scraper outstretched turret height and the contact angle (18-23 degrees), out of frame length control over 45mm, scraper chamfer and creping blade in the process of the swing and scraper stick cylinder pressure line


FourBase paper, broken edges, broken ends

1.The rotten side usually refers to the paper on both sides of the emergence of lace and lace is generally a rotten side lip plate at both ends of the rubber seal and sealing water, glue seal used for a long time, wear on the wire sizing slurry leakage, water sealing opening is not reasonable, too easy to rush to the sizing surface, it is easy to produce born bad side, net cage cage edge paint high pressure water waste paper amplitude variable width, but also prone to bad side. Solution: find problems and deal with problems in time

2.Paper. Prone to breakage, use with dryer temperature, cylinder surface coating and topical drugs on the cylinder surface temperature is low, the coating is easy to be scraped without coating on the scraper, scraper cylinder surface and the cylinder surface friction to blade wear, especially prone to break on both sides of paper, to adjust the drug on the first to control the temperature in the cylinder surface, adjust the appropriate temperature, and then adjust the proportion of drugs, each drug use characteristics of their own, must be properly use reasonable collocation, stripping agent is wrinkling and lubrication, the adhesive is an important drug coating, the coating under the same condition, the higher the formation of cylinder temperature the more thick, modifier is used to improve the formation of hard coating and void filling and cylinder surface protection for invisible to the naked eye. It is mainly distributed in the organic coating and the metal surface, the cylinder surface coating The establishment of good or bad will have a direct impact on the base paper will be broken


FivePulp point and dust point

1.A small piece of pulp caused by incomplete hydrolysis of a pulp or paper, called a pulp point, causes the main cause of the pulp point to be broken down, resulting in the loss of paper, especially in wet, heavy paper. In the treatment of damaged paper, according to (loss of paper processing regulations) to perform, and to more sampling, in the determination of no pulp point to pulp. In addition, some slurry may also appear more pulp point, for example, the pulp of the pulp mill needs to control the beating time according to the results of the beating test

2.Several kinds of dust point, one is dark or rot caused by fiber pulp, two conveying pipe rust or corrosion caused by impurities or other miscellaneous points, three is the paper core inclusions in the material, leading to other primary fiber types; four is caused by impurities in water

Solution: starting with raw materials, to prevent other impurities into; secondly, regular cleaning pipes and storage tanks, to ensure that the slurry delivery system clean. Once again, the water system should be kept clean and the control points of the circulating water should be normal

3.Paste the color can be divided into in the beating, beating in the Department of general and pulp and paper pulp color fiber combination is very good; and in the Department of pulp some more yellow, viscous on the surface of the paper, and not very good at combining fiber. Where can judge to clean up the related areas according to the above


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