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Ministry of environmental protection: national emission permit management information platform completed and put into operation

[ Time:2017-09-02 Click:1655 ]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said, the Deputy Minister Zhao Yingmin 29, said the implementation of the permit system, the sewage license management information platform has been put into operation, power and paper industry two permit issuance, the work has been completed on schedule, steel and cement permit issuance work is started.


According to Zhao Yingmin introduction, the implementation of the sewage permit system started well. The Ministry of environmental protection issued fixed pollution source emission permit list of classified management, the implementation scope and schedule of the sewage permit system, the relevant technical specifications were issued, the pilot provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) are actively promoting the pilot work, to deepen the system reform to lay a solid foundation.


Zhao Yingmin believes that with the deepening of the reform, reform of the system of fixed pollution source appeared difficulties, including how to adjust the environmental management systems to adapt to the requirements of reform and efficient; how to properly resolve the remaining issues existing stationary pollution sources of environmental management; how to improve the ability of law enforcement and supervision of law enforcement certificate according to the standardization, how to strictly implement the enterprise informatization level; the main responsibility for pollution control etc.


Zhao Yingmin requirements, localities should complete the State Council pollution discharge permit system implementation plan to determine the objectives of the work. Steadily promote the sewage construction permit regulations system and technical standard system, accelerate the legislation of the sewage licensing regulations, to speed up the convergence of the environmental management systems integration, establish the total control system through the reform of the system of pollution permits, the implementation of environmental quality improvement requirements.


He proposed that the pilot provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the technical specification for the unit to the pilot work of the technical specification for the strict industry, to ensure the completion of the first half of 2017 key industries permit issuance, led the country to fulfill the reform task. At the same time, the local environmental protection departments should strengthen the supervision of law enforcement for undocumented sewage and sewage to permit, to strengthen the construction of information platform, promote the sharing of data and information disclosure, improve the environmental supervision informatization level of fixed pollution sources.

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