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The difference between rice paper and painting paper

[ Time:2017-10-27 Click:1750 ]

The painting paper is just a kind of ordinary paper with ink fountain characteristics,Ink fountain painting paper by dissolving its own characteristics. And the rice paper compared, ink fountain performance painting irregular and non symmetry, no level, just blindly penetration. The most important point, in terms of anti-aging and durability, compared with rice paper, its storage life is only decades, such as improper custody, shorter time will fade, moth eaten.

So, how to identify the rice paper and painting paper? One is the naked eye resolution method: pick up the paper, to the bright perspective, rice paper is covered with clouds like filaments, these filaments are tan skin fiber, but also found the tendons of straw. The printing paper without these, relatively speaking, it was so white. Two is inking method, 4 kinds of ink marks on the paper with a description, observe the paper by ink effect. The paper can clearly display the pen mark and level, and the book paper in pencil mark overlapping is fuzzy, especially after the adsorption of heavy, thick ink, paper fibers due to poor.



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