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Function analysis of scraper of environmental protection paper machine

[ Time:2019-01-16 Click:1798 ]

The development of environmental protection has promoted the progress of the market of environmental protection paper machine. The scraper is the main part of the paper machine, its role is indispensable.

The whole scraper device of environmental paper machine is composed of pneumatic thumb, scraper body and swing device. The pneumatic thumb is the center part, which is connected with the scraper body through a rotating shaft. The blade of the scraper is placed in the center of the pneumatic thumb knife library. The pressure of the scraper is completed by the pressure of the pneumatic thumb and the pressure relief of two pneumatic tires. The scraper body is used to fix the pneumatic thumb to ensure that it has enough rigidity and straightness. In order to achieve the protection of roller surface, scraper should ensure the constant force of reciprocating swing, swing device can be used in different occasions, pneumatic and electric two ways. In order to facilitate the replacement of the roller, the roller rotation is added to increase the space of the scraper.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the environment-friendly paper machine, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the scraper, so as to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the entire production line. When we work, we must ensure that the surface of the roller is clean, it is easier to strip the length of the paper, reduce the possibility of breakage and holes.

In order to better assist the production operators to take out the paper from the wet part to the drying part and to the coiler, it is necessary to install the scraper of the environment-friendly paper machine in the correct position on the surface of the paper stripper or dryer. The quality and efficiency of environment-friendly paper machine is the goal pursued by the paper machine enterprises. The scraper designed by the professional paper mill can ensure that the surface of roller and dryer can remove impurities more cleanly.

The scraper is installed in many parts of the papermaking machinery, from the part of the net to the reel. Different parts of the scraper device has different characteristics. Reasonable selection of scraper, improve the paper quality of equipment, improve the efficiency of equipment operation, and improve the production capacity of enterprises.

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