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Waste production superstition paper

                            Waste production superstition paper (author: Xin Zhigang)
         First of all waste paper, for example, our superstition of paper, to the north and more as raw material for the waste bin, the South more use of waste paper, book paper as raw material. From the use of raw materials situation, the north superstition paper production process, sources of pollution, the main process is to produce cardboard boxes, plastic materials used, after mechanical pulping process, the diluted break out. Because in the process of paper production superstition, only pulper, paper for pieces of the solution, does not need to add any chemical additives to help broken solution. Pieces of the solution process, the paper sheets, paste again into the state, because the pulp is mostly used in the hydraulic pulper, cartons of plastic material, the immersion in water will break out. In order to post a better copy paper machine made, the general solution in the broken, use the washing machine. Plastic materials for slurry washing. This can help the papermaking process, appear less sticky cylinder paper machine, paper machine felts or the treatment is reduced and other issues. Because small and medium paper machine, use the rinse, the general use of replacement washing or pressure washing, wastewater is the waste bin in the process of paper production superstitious one point pollution. Carton manufacturing process, extensive use of cationic starch, and sodium silicate as a binder after matching. Easy to see from several components, does not have; high toxicity, high diffusivity. Or then, with other chemical additives used in papermaking process response characteristics of pollutants derived from obvious. If the paper-making process, the increase of microfiltration, flocculation, collection systems, so that you can solve the waste bin of paper production process because of superstition washing pollution emissions. Most importantly, these increases do not increase costs to the production.
Small and medium sized paper paper machine production process superstition in general, should add yellow dye ---- products. With the dye technology, currently used mostly neutral yellow product, with low pollution, high rates of color characteristics. Paper from the paper machine superstition papermaking process, this is the only source of pollution. As the rate of dye color effect can not be 100 percent, so that in the production process, through the extrusion of wet paper roller in the water, there will be light yellow color sense.
Have the same water discharge areas, in addition to the paper machine rollers, there are paper machine wire part of the net garden boxes, paper machine and vacuum pump drawing water in the wet sheet.
If you are using microfiltration and purification systems, paper machine roller discharged this part of the water, the water discharged from the paper machine vacuum pumps, paper machine wire part discharge of the water park after treatment, to the pulper. For the pulping machine.


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